Should you had made any decision on one of our proposal, then we will get to the




  • Buyer and seller have agreed on the price. Eurocasa issues the written Preliminare di Compravendita.
  • Buyer and seller meet with one or more of our agents in our office in Alba in order to fix and sign together the preliminary purchase contract (preliminare). In this occasion the following points will be cleared and agreed:
    - Sale prices
    - Amount of the deposit, mostly 15-30%
    - Date of definitive sale contract with the notary
    - further individual aspects who could have any importance: e.g. right of way, assumption or clearance of the house from existing furniture etc.
    The first preliminary payment and the pay-out of the broker's commission are paid. The preliminary contract is signed by both parties; they are both bound to compliance of the agreed details and the definitive finalisation by notary act. Should any of the parties break the contract, will not be allowed to withdraw without a penalty. This is to guarantee the buyer and the seller through the following steps.
  • As soon as the preliminary contract is signed, the broker will commission a surveyor to supply the required documents (land register, municipality). This is a very intensive stage for our office, therefore any modification or details to the preliminary contract must be made at this time. In order to close the Atto Notarile, the buyer needs have an Italian tax identification code (Codice Fiscale). Our office will, all in due time, apply this for you and then will present all required document to the notary public in Alba. At the same time we will take care of all the procedures regarding the seller, so that all the conditions for a trouble-free conclusion according to the agreement with the notary are given.
  • After receiving all required documents, the notary will check them and will confirm the agreed terms. All parts involved in the purchase will then meet on the official notary deadline. At this stage we will act as assistant for the notary and representative for both parties. At request, it is possible to have an official interpreter. Some notaries translate beforehand all written documents. Therefore it is possible to receive a translated copy some day before the notary deadline in order to read through it in quiet. The pay-off is made and the taking in possession of the house takes place, as well as the settlement of the pending land transfer taxes and the notary fee.
  • After the signing of the notary act, the notary applies for all the necessary modifications at the land register and he has the obligation to make the registration in the real estate register. He acts hereby as ufficiale pubblico. These bureaucratic procedures will take about 2 - 4 weeks.


If the purchase of the real estate takes place, EUROCASA will be pleased to assist you with application or notification of change for water, electricity, telephone etc. Any building project following a cost estimate can be arranged only with us after previous consult. We'll be at your kind disposal for any further query.